Rucksacks Or Backpacks

You may want to consider keeping a backpack, or as the Army calls it, a rucksack
handy. Of course you need to fill it with things that will make life on the go outdoors
more comfortable.

Why would you want a backpack? I keep one in my garage in case I need to take
off on foot. If I’m going on a long road trip, it is handy to toss in the car and I know I’m
good if the car breaks down 50 miles from Undershirt, KS or if I’m stuck in a blizzard
outside of Sheeplover, MT. If the zombies attack, or the Republicans realize Trump isn’t
going to pay their rent for them, there might be significant civil unrest with closed roads
and the best way out of the situation is on foot.

If you haven’t walked 25 miles in a day with a backpack on you should know that
if you do, you won’t want anything in that pack that isn’t absolutely necessary. Some
food with minimalist packaging is good. Water is absolutely necessary and a good
portable way to purify water is also essential. You cannot possibly carry enough water
on your back if you are walking very far for very long so water resupply must be
foremost in your mind. In a desert environment this can be a very serious concern.

A nice blanket or sleeping bag, one that provides maximum warmth for minimal
weight is essential. A change of clothes, maybe two is a good idea. Some basic tools
like a foldable military style shovel and maybe a small hatchet can’t hurt. Some kind of
fire starter is necessary. My favorite is a simple disposable Bic lighter.

A little first aid kit should be included. Again on the first aid kit, don’t pack IV
equipment if you have no idea how to administer an IV. Your first aid kit should only
include items you are comfortable with using.

If you end up walking a considerable distance you should consider packing an
extra pair of hiking boots. You should also plan to suffer rain, snow, or the horror of
freezing rain. A waterproof bag to keep at least your change of clothes dry is necessary.

What kind of backpack should you get? There are many many different types and
brands, but they fall into two broad categories. You can get a military pack, or a civilian
pack. A civilian pack will generally be more comfortable, however it can be flimsy and
may come in bright colors, which is undesirable if you don’t want to be seen. Civilian
packs are usually expensive too. A military pack has the advantage of subdued colors,
amazing durability, and can be found at a bargain price if you know where to look. The
main drawback to a military pack is that it will almost certainly be less comfortable than
a civilian pack. You may want to consider one pack for each member of your family.
One person cannot carry enough to sustain 3 or 4 people for very long at all.

Beverley Snyder